Avior Bio Inc.

Therapeutic Focus

AV104 shows to reduce Substance P expression (NK-1R antagonist), while correcting the dysregulation of dynorphin A (KOR agonist) and β-endorphan (MOR antagonist).  Each of these receptors are implicated in chronic pruritus. 

There are almost 750,000 patients that have moderate to severe pruritus that remains untreated and that impacts the patient’s life.  Of these patients, approximately 400,000 hemodialysis patients suffer from their debilitating condition of Prurigo Nodularis and severe of CKD-aP with worsening Quality of Life, sleep disturbance, depression, severe excoriation, bleeding and increased mortality risks.

AV104 also has potential in satisfy an unmet need in cholestatic pruritus, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis as described below.


Cholestatic pruritus
where 20 – 30% of 2.5M
patients with cholestatic liver
disease experience pruritus


Atopic dermatitis 
where 35-45% of 20M
patients seek treatment of


where 40-50% of 8M
patients seek treatment of


US is currently in a public health crisis resulting from the misuse and abuse of prescription pain medication.  Recent estimates indicate that 11.1 million people misuse opioids in the USA of which 70,000 Americans had died resulting from opioid overdose. 


Our second product is AV103 – which is a high affinity, potent opioid antagonist with a moderate half life.  With support from National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), Avior is developing a critical drug need as a medical counter measure (MCM) to reversal opioid induced respiratory depression which is the leading cause for death.